Wiking Lock - A safe solution to a big problem!

Together we combat the theft of valuable equipment and vehicles in the woods, in agriculture, in the company and private belongings.

About Wiking Lock

Wiking Locks are designed and manufactured in Sweden with Swedish standards for quality and containers etc. Wiking Locks are secured through two separate patents and has achieved approval from SFF, the Swedish Theft Prevention Association (Norm 1072 and Class 5, class 5 is the highest class). The machine lock is also certified by Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Many tractors and other very expensive vehicles and machines are stolen every day in Sweden. Therefore we started to develop this group of locks. We have also a very close cooperation with the leading insurance companies in Sweden.

Wiking Locks is now planning for introducing our products also internationally. We are active looking for importers/agents globally. Priority will be given to Scandinavia and European Union.

If you are in the security business, this will be a good opportunity for increasing your profits

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